Ambient Support sees growth in personalised care services

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Ambient Support is expanding its services in London and the South East to meet increased demand for bespoke care services that are built around personal choice.

Ambient is a leading UK social care provider with over 25 years’ experience in providing care and support services for older people, people with a mental health need and people with a learning disability.

Positive reputation, passionate staff members, a high-quality service, and a person-centered approach are cited as the catalysts for this growth.

Following approaches from families and Local Authorities, Ambient can confirm they are launching two new Supported Living Services for people with a learning disability in Wandsworth and Bexley where the focus is on supporting people to live as independently as possible in a home of their own and a new Step-Down service in Newham, East London opening in autumn 2020.

Mark Hooper, Regional Manager for Ambient across London and South East says that it is Ambient’s growing reputation that is driving recommendations and new business:

“We are seeing a much greater demand for bespoke care packages that are built around individual needs and are created and delivered with the long-term wellbeing of people in mind.

Clients and their families are choosing Ambient because of our personalised approach and their ability to take control and have choice of provider through Individual Service Funds. Key to being that provider of choice is ‘The Ambient Way’ which is our overarching approach to that care and support we provide.

An element of this is our ability to utilise a toolbox of support methodologies including Positive Behavior Support. PBS helps us to meet the specific and individual needs of people with multiple and complex diagnoses so we can support them to live full and meaningful lives.”

Chief Executive, Mark Milton added:

“Support and care during Covid-19 has presented many challenges, but also opportunities for more open-minded approaches to delivering new services.

Whilst we continue to learn during the ‘new normal’, we are acting in a responsive and proactive manner that both creates and delivers innovative and timely solutions for individuals and their families.

The new services in Bexley and Wandsworth have been set up and brought online in lightening time, despite the challenges of developing services during a pandemic. Likewise, I am excited that our new Step-Down service in Newham due to open in autumn 2020 will help fill a much needed gap in that area.

As an organisation, it’s the people that are at the heart of our success and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every team member for their dedication and passion.”

To talk to us about what you need and how we can help, please get in touch.

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