Measuring impacts, transforming lives

Ambient Support constantly measure the impact that we have on the wellbeing of the people that use and deliver our services.

We also measure the impact that we make on the wider community in which services are delivered.

As part of our commitment to quality we capture these impacts in a variety of ways:

  • An annual ‘People We Support & Stakeholder’ Survey
  • Comprehensive Unannounced Themed Assessment (CUTA) visits to all our services
  • Case Studies of people that use our services
  • ‘Entry and Exit’ Surveys for people using our services
  • An annual ‘Staff Satisfaction’ Survey
  • A continuous open ‘Suggestions & Feedback’ procedure in all services

Armed with comprehensive feedback we proactively adapt and develop our services in direct response to the needs of the people that work within them or receive support from them.

To learn more about the impact Ambient services are making, click on the links below.

Mental Health Services – Making an Impact

Older People Services – Making an Impact

Learning Disability Services – Making an Impact

To talk to us about what you need and how we can help, please get in touch.

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