People we support share a summer picnic for Mental Health Awareness Week

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week, Ambient’s Mental Health services across South London joined together for a picnic and walk in Crystal Palace Park. People were able to enjoy games and activities, a lunch buffet of sandwiches and snacks, and finally a walk to the petting zoo.

The get-together started at the same spot it has done for years past: under the tree by the park cafe. People we support socialised in the sunshine, some having known each other for many years. There was giant jenga to be played in the grass, crochet for those who wanted a more gentle sport, and even badminton racquets if anyone was feeling particularly energetic!

The picnic and walk was arranged by Sarah Hearne, Locality Manager for Mental Health Services, who tells us why these events are essential for us all:

“Our Mental Health Summer picnic and walk is important to not only our Ambient staff team but the people we support. This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week’s theme is “Loneliness”. What better way to combat just that by coming together at a wonderful park with others, having a good time sharing & connecting!

The weather was slightly grey but spirits were high and we all had such a good walk around the beautiful grounds and petting zoo. A good stretch of the legs to burn off the sandwiches and lots of healthy pieces of fruit.”

The nation is coming together this Mental Health Awareness Week to lift one another out of loneliness. There are so many simple ways to help pull ourselves and the people around us up and out of feeling lonely, whether that’s offering a cup of tea, asking if they fancy a chat, or, as our Mental Health services have perfectly exemplified, sharing a relaxed walk together around the park.

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