Time Capsule Buried at The Croft Care Home

A time capsule was buried in the grounds of The Croft Care Home in Amersham this week during a special ceremony to commemorate the last two years of life living in a care home.     

 The time capsule contains a recent photograph of each of the residents with the reverse displaying their forename, age and their personal thoughts and feelings about ‘time today’ including their reflections about life at The Croft, the Covid Pandemic, the NHS, the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and the Queen.

Staff at The Croft hope that whoever finds the capsule will learn a little about what it is like to live in 2022 as an older person.

Lisa Rowley, Senior Carer at The Croft suggested the capsule and Charlotte Gray, Activity Co-Ordinator, brought the idea to fruition. Charlotte, says:

“Many school children bury time capsules at schools but we wanted to capture this ‘time’ from the perspective of older people who are in care homes and leave a different message in the ground- a message that will preserve ‘real-life’ thoughts of the elderly generation living in care homes.”

Responses from the residents also included advice for younger people:

Leila: 93 years: “I am warm, clean and cared for. I love a cup of tea in the morning. We are lucky to have the Queen. Life is what you make it.”

Patricia: 89 years: “Sing through your life.”

Ronald: 92 years: “I am very comfortable. We are lucky to have the NHS, I wouldn’t be alive now if we didn’t have it. Boris Johnson is a waste of space.”

Gillian: 83 years: “Be good to your parents and look after them.”

Amy: 91 years: “Be polite, have good manners and do not swear.”

Eileen: 80 years: “To be a success you have to work hard.”

Emma: 100yrs: “Respect your parents, respect your teachers and use good manners.”

Fran: 94 years : “I have no worries- but have you seen my glasses?”

Louise Foyle-York, Manager at The Croft, says:

“I am extremely proud of my team who really went above and beyond to organise this special event– and to enable the people we support to talk openly about their feelings. It was very emotional looking back over the past two years, there were some tears of sadness and joy and we all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.”

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