Workvivo – the new staff intranet

On the 10th January 2022 we launched a new internal online social platform for our staff called Workvivo.

This means the old staff website has been replaced.

However, the Workvivo platform is so much easier to use and find your way around.

Using Workvivo means that you can connect and share with your colleagues both locally and organisation-wide; keep up to date with the latest news & updates within your area and from our senior leadership team; access emails & tools such as eLearning and MyView from one central place; give shout-outs to your incredible team members; plus so much more… 

Use this link to log in today! Here’s how:

1. Go to this website: https://ambientsupport.workvivo.com

2. If prompted, enter the same email address and password you use to log into the Ambient Cloud/Desktop/Outlook.

3. If you have not previously had an Ambient email address (prior to the 10th January 2022,) please check your personal email INBOX.  On the 10th January we sent you details of your new Ambient email address and a password If you are absolutely unable to locate this email in your INBOX then you will need to email support@ambient.org.uk or ring the Ambient IT team on 0208 502 3933 (choose option 5) and they will give you the details.

Did you know, there is also a Workvivo app for your mobile phone?

  • Download the Workvivo app for iPhones from the App Store, and for Android phones from the Google Play Store. This means you can keep up to date on your work or personal mobile even when you are on the go.

Do you access or use MyView or e-Learning?
If you do, Workvivo will make your life easier online.

  • Simply go to the ‘Tools & Links’ section of Workvivo and click on e-Learning. Notice that you’ll be automatically logged in!

  • Or, click on MyView. When prompted, login with your Workvivo credentials – as above. You no longer have to remember multiple log-in details and passwords to access your MyView!

Workvivo is just one of the huge number of changes happening to Ambient’s Information Technology (IT). In Summer of 2022, there’s also a new digital care and support system being rolled out for all our frontline services.

Workvivo is the place to be for keeping on top of all of these exciting things happening across our charity. So, make sure you log in and get connected today!

To talk to us about what you need and how we can help, please get in touch.

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