Betty lives well with dementia & reunites with her family

Betty enjoys looking through old photos and reminiscing

Before joining us at one of our care homes for people living with dementia, Betty would often sit in her hallway with the front door open, talking to anybody who passed by.

Her neighbours were worried and made the decision to contact social services out of concern for Bettys wellbeing, an intervention that undoubtedly changed her life for the better.

Betty arrived at high risk of social isolation, self-neglect and malnutrition.

Upon greeting her with open arms, Ambient staff gave her a tour of the home, and when asked if she would like to stay, she said “Oh yes, it’s lovely”.

Betty personally chose her room, and her life began to transform from that moment on. She quickly settled in, fast making new friends becoming more relaxed and content in her new surroundings

It was when she was encouraged to tell us a bit of her life story, that we discovered she had lost touch with her brother, Fred. The Ambient staff worked to investigate this further, and managed to not only find Betty’s brother, but also make contact with him.

When Fred came to visit her at the home, Betty was delighted to be reunited with him. Several visits later, and she has also been introduced to her only nephew, who sends her gifts and treats as a reminder that she is thought of.

As well as family visits, children from the local nursery have come by to say hello to the residents at the home, something that had a great impact on Betty. So much so that Ambient staff have since taken her out to see them at school.

Staff also learnt that Betty once worked as a secretary and later as an office manager. This explained her attachment to the care home’s old typewriter, which she often uses, and the joy she finds in greeting visitors at the front door.

Although Betty often has to be reminded that she has her own room at the home,  as a result of her short retention span from advanced dementia, we have watched Betty transform from a lonely and vulnerable woman into somebody filled with wonder and enthusiasm. She is brilliantly chatty, sometimes feisty, and the daily interaction with others has brought her to life. She is always available for a talk over a cup of tea, and we feel incredibly lucky that she chose an Ambient home as her own.

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