Peter & Joan

Peter and Joan's black and white wedding day photo

Peter and Joan have been married for over fifty years and have two children.

Half a century later, still very much in love, Joan developed Dementia and was being cared for at home by her husband, who himself lives with Parkinson’s Disease.

Sadly, a dangerous fall left Peter in hospital and Joan struggled to manage at home alone. With support from social services, Joan eventually came to live with Ambient at one of our care homes in Buckinghamshire, where we are able to support people living with Dementia.

On arrival, Joan required a lot of support with her personal care and physical confidence, as well as emotional encouragement to calm her worry for Peter who was sadly still hospitalised.

After a lengthy period of rehabilitation, Peter chose to join Joan at the home, as the injuries he sustained from his fall meant his mobility and ability to live independently was impaired.

With encouragement and support from the Ambient care staff at the home, Joan and Peter have put the worst behind them.

The couple are reunited and living under the same roof whilst choosing to be accommodated in separate suites at the home.

Joan enjoys eating her breakfast with the assistance of staff, and then likes to join Peter in the bright and airy residential lounge. Here, they can spend their days together without the fear or pressure that once made their lives so difficult, returning to their own rooms after sharing supper together.

Joan and Peter, together with their son, have expressed how happy they are to spend their days with each other. The Ambient team have worked with Joan to encourage her to walk short distances throughout the day to maximise her mobility. Verbal reassurance, compassion and patience have helped to alleviate some of Joan’s anxiety, which in turn makes for a very happy husband. Peter is also supported to remain as independent as possible. He says he finally feels that he and his wife are safe and cared for.

Their son shares in their relief, and loves to see his parents holding hands, free of worry, engaging in the care home activities and events together.

Both this enduring married couple, and their children, have a revived sense of freedom, joy and security – a priceless feeling which the Ambient team works 24/7 to create and maintain for those they care for.

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