Star overcomes her trauma and shines

Star studies for her A-Levels, encouraged by the Ambient team

Star moved into an Ambient 24-hour mental health supported living scheme as a young woman transitioning from child mental health services (CAMHS) into adult services.

This was her first adult placement, and followed a complex family life including abuse that had left her with severe psychological needs, volatile behaviours and complex needs including self-harm.

The Ambient team worked closely with her, the multi-disciplinary team and our Occupational Therapy Lead in order to agree on the most appropriate model of support for Star. One of the greatest challenges was refraining from a parent-child dynamic developing with Star and reinforcing negative behaviours.

Initially Star required intensive 1-1 support to build a trusting relationship. Providing flexible person-centred staff arrangements enabled a responsive approach to meet her individual support needs.

Ambient closely worked with the Complex Needs Team, to ensure a collaborative and consistent approach to Star’s support. Star’s keyworker worked with her to complete a ‘Recovery Star’ over weekly sessions, enabling her to assess her current situation and identify her own life goals.

In time, Star started to become more settled, understanding of her own needs and her confidence increased. Star was able to learn skills supported by the Ambient team which allowed her to live more independently, manage her own finances and tenancy.

After a period of rehabilitation and recovery, Star was supported to successfully apply to study for a clinical degree at University inspired by her own experiences to help others.

When Star was first referred to Ambient’s mental health services, she was traumatised, extremely unwell and required intensive support. She is now a positive young woman managing all aspects of her life independently, and studying for a degree, so that she might support others the way that staff supported for her.

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