From unemployment to a clear career pathway – Liam strides forward

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“I’d worked in the retail industry since I left school, apart from a brief stint in manufacturing, but it was always the same every day. I’d always wanted to do something a bit more challenging.

Then I was unemployed for a while during which time I took up running as a way of keeping active.

I heard about Ambient and care work through a family member. I was responsible for looking after two close family members prior to their passing about 8 years ago, so I thought care work was something I could do.

I’ve been with Ambient for 5 months now and work at a Residential Care Home on a dementia care suite.

All of the residents I support have varying degrees of dementia, which means some days can be challenging. It takes a huge amount of work and patience to gain the trust of residents, especially when they may be confused and unsure.

It can be difficult, especially when someone can’t communicate exactly what it is they’re feeling, or why they are feeling it. I use simple language to ask what is wrong and to reassure people that they are safe.  After a while their distress will usually start to diminish.

I love that every day is different and there really is never a dull moment. You get to listen to residents’ stories about when they were younger and the experiences and lives they’ve led. It can be a very humbling listening to such amazing stories.

I think that to do this job you have to have the right mind set. But you get an immense sense of wellbeing from supporting other people and knowing that you have made someone’s day, someone’s life, better.

I have just started to think about really beginning to focus on what I’m interested in and take up the Dementia Specialist career pathway that Ambient offer. I’m really excited about that. I’ve had great support from my colleagues and I really think it’s a role where you never stop learning.

Three words to describe my job? Rewarding, challenging and, maybe more surprisingly, exciting!”

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Care Worker for Older People’s Services




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