Zainab steps into the world for the first time

Zainab smiles as she enjoys life in her community

Zainab’s learning disability and support needs were complex and compounded by her physical health conditions.

By working in an intensely person-centred way, Ambient implemented Zainab’s transition into one of our respite services without need of medication.

This specialist support eased Zainab’s anxieties about moving, staying in a new place and meeting new people, for the first time.

Using Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and the use of technology to aid communication, the Ambient team enabled Zainab to communicate her needs and be involved in choices about her care and support.

Zainab was introduced to ‘pictorial communication’ using a tablet, so that the Ambient staff could explain every aspect of her care plan with her. The staff also supported her to improve and maintain her physical wellbeing, working together on Zainab’s diet and daily activity to combat issues with obesity.

This integrated approach to support helped to build trusting relationships, and the Ambient team soon noticed positive changes to both Zainab’s confidence and physical health.

With two years of ongoing person-centred care, Zainab’s wellbeing has blossomed. She has lost over 70 kilograms of weight and is going out to experience events and social situations in the community. Zainab said she was so happy living in an Ambient service, that she wanted to stay beyond the intended period of respite – and so our ongoing support continues.

Zainab’s case has been inspirational for everyone involved. By recognising the potential for positive change, by focusing on Zainab as an individual, and supporting her needs appropriately, using communication, technology and PBS, the Ambient team have seen Zainab finally experience the life of confidence, independence and joy she always deserved.

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